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Josep Bonet Subirats

I was born in Manlleu (Barcelona) the summer of 1965. When I was a youngster I started to feel curiosity for everything related to art. In fact, my father was a fan of it and the walls at home were covered of numerous paintings. I germinated a strong attraction for the plastic arts and for other artistic disciplines, though the music occupied the stage of my adolescence.

I started the studies of Applied Arts at the Llotja in Barcelona, specializing myself in the advertising drawing. Nevertheless, with the course of the time the attraction for the painting was increasing and from them I’ve never stopped painting.

My work departs from a reality that is diluted and distorting along the creative process, but at the same time it has a definite outline and easy comprehension, following the first impression of the reality. Any moment is good to search for an idea; walking along the street, having a coffee, observing the rhythm and movement of the daily scenes. One establishes a strong connection with the environment that wraps me with forms, colors, contrasts…It is here where my sources of inspiration flow.

I have exhibited and I continue doing it in Catalonia, in the rest of Spanish state and other foreign countries. My work has its place in numerous private collections of the whole world.

Josep Bonet Subirats